Monday, June 28, 2010

Pajamas...a rite of passage?

Luke, my oldest, will be six years old in fourteen days. Fourteen days...what? I can't believe it. First grade is breaking the horizon and I seriously just can't believe it. When he was young...not that six isn't young...maybe around two or so...Jon looked at me and said, "Why don't you just let him wear shorts and a t-shirt for bed? It's just easier." I thought about it for a minute and said, "Pajamas just won't last that long. So, I'm going to put him in cute pajamas as long as possible." He said, "I see that." End of story.
I have had six glorious years of purchasing and putting my kids to bed in the most adorable pajamas. They just look so sweet...maybe even silly, but it tickles me to see them in them.
Then Luke learned how to make his own choices and the summer of 2010 happened.
Our house is warm in the summer. Our A/C is rather old and it just doesn't pump the air even in the mildest of summers...then 10+ days of almost 100 degrees and poof...there went the PJ's. Underwear is the sleepwear of choice...and adamantly at that.
I have gone so far as to "force" the pajamas as a rule for the night because they "might get cold" bedtime...Luke is stripped down to his underwear. As Luke's devout follower at the moment...Henry too. I would imagine...once Jonah decides it's time to speak...the first thing he will say is " Lukee." It's sad for me. This is just what boys do? Not sure.
Yet another trivial rite of passage comes and goes...not really sure what I will do for the Christmas card this year...The Barnes Boys in their Christmas Undies? Could be cute?