Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love my husband...

...I really do...he's such a good guy. We will be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday. Wow...seems like a long time ago, could be the three kids we now have...all under the age of five. Jon is such a trooper...he really is...I mean, I have been hormonal for about four years if that tells you anything. Poor guy. There's seems to be something about a new baby that makes women (at least me) feel like their husbands know not one thing. The mean looks whenever he opens his mouth...the very exaggerated eye roll whenever he makes an attempt to do anything's like an involuntary response. So weird. Anyway, so a few weeks ago when the baby was finally home and the kids were crazed and out of their routine...I was especially irritated with my husband that seems to know nothing (but really does know something)...we passed each other on the stairs with me in a huff and he as good natured as ever...I scowled at him but he stopped me and let me know that he understood that I would be mad at him for a good month and that it was OK. I must say I was absolutely, my have we come a long way. I felt so free when he said let me know that he knew me a little bit better then I thought and that he's manly enough to take a few hits here and there while I recover from surgery and release some of these crazy hormones! Cheers to you Jon for being a fantastic husband, father and friend...Happy Anniversary. I love you!

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