Monday, May 18, 2009

Stress Equals Change

Welcome back to me! It’s been a long time…things are just busy and it’s difficult to find the time to just sit, think and type all at the same time. But, here I am. The baby is now eight and a half months old and is cruising all over the house and boy is he a big’un! Huge. Not a roly poly type big, but in a dense bones big. He has an incredibly peaceful disposition and crazy smile. Henry is marching fast into the “three’s”. He is as fun as ever and all smiles. I’m sad that he is turning three…it seems to be the bridge age from baby to little boy. I don’t exactly feel ready for that. Luke has turned into a boy overnight…about to turn five and will be in kindergarten in only a few months. He is as big brother as he can be. He is very caring but a touch bossy, but what else is new about first borns (little dig at my big brother). They have all adapted well to Jonah’s arrival…so, with that update, here’s the bad news…I’ve been dieting. I only seem to have the discipline to diet when I’m at work. So, I’ve basically just maintained. I figured it was time to throw in some exercise…so, while checking out some other “mom blogs”…I stumbled onto the video called “The 30-Day Shred” by Jillian Michael’s. I promptly ordered it and OMGa! It’s been three days and I can barely sit down. I could barely get through it the first day and I was only on level one and it was only 25 minutes long!
Jillian is quite the trainer and I can say, it’s probably the only exercise video that goes by pretty quick and is actually motivating. On the first day, I was sweating profusely and literally huffing and puffing and Jillian says (paraphrased), stress brings change. She is talking about how the killer squats create stress on your body, which brings the changes you want. I’m not sure why but this comment has been stuck in my head for days now…not just because I am shuffling around the workplace like a little old lady today but it’s really kind of profound. I can’t think of any stressful time in my life where I didn’t come out changed and I would say, 99.5% it was for the better. The stress we are all living in at the moment has been really, really super hard. It’s that pit of the stomach type stress…I really think all this stress will and has already changed the lives of many of us for the better. I read an article yesterday about the items and products that are soaring from this economy…seeds, fishing equipment, macaroni and cheese…people are staying home, eating together and finding ways to have fun without spending much money (and maybe catch dinner while they are at it). Going back to basics is not a bad thing and quite frankly, I think most of us missed the basics anyway. So, I'm trying to embrace the stress and welcome the change!

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