Thursday, May 21, 2009

When I Grow Up

After many, many efforts to go back to sleep at 4:00 am…after hitting snooze no less then 5 times…after coming up with every excuse on why it would not be in my best interest to get out of bed and workout this morning….45 minutes had passed on a wasted conversation with myself. I completely guilted myself into it…I was WIDE awake and have no idea why it’s so difficult to just freaking get out of bed! I got myself together and headed down for my meeting with Jillian Michael’s. Right as the video was starting, I could hear the click of a door and knew instantly who was standing at the top of the steps curious about the noise coming from downstairs…I was sure it spooked him. He came down ever so cautiously until he saw my face and then he beamed! Doesn’t it make your heart melt when your child is so happy to see you? Now that I think about it he was probably just overjoyed that I wasn’t the Boogie Monster. It was Luke…after a series of very confused questions about why I was up this early and exactly what I was doing…I gave him the option of watching TV with his dad upstairs or he could stay down with me. I was desperately hoping he would pick the Mickey Mouse Club over me since I hate for people to watch me exercise…true to form…he decided to observe. He laid on his beanbag and I put a blanket over him and proceeded to sweat my way through another workout. Then it happened…Luke went from my sweet son to something along the lines of Personal Trainer/Tyrant. He corrected the form of my push-ups, told me my back was curved while doing bicep curls, told me I was supposed to do 5 jumping jacks not just 4….it went on and on. It was so on my nerves. “Go…to…the….kitchen…..and….get…some….grapes...” I said, GASPING! He came back…he sat again, eating grapes, noting my errors aloud. Then said, “Mommy…when I grow up and become big and can go out for a walk by myself and when I’m walking is that when I will find my wife?” Not sure if Luke was inspired by the scantily clad women in the video or where exactly this came from…but I said, “Yes, metaphorically speaking, that is what happens.” Blink. Blink. (Oh yea, your talking to a child not the exercise guru) “Yes, that is exactly how you will find your wife.” I’m praying for his wife already and hope that’s exactly how he finds her…

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