Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Heart

My son Henry is getting ready to turn three in a few weeks. Someone told me recently that your children’s personalities at a young age are pretty much the same as they mature…this news made me smile a deep happy smile when I mentally mulled over my kids personalities. We are blessed in this way. When my thoughts turned to Henry as an adult…I laughed out loud. I would describe him as clever, tenderhearted, wily, reasonable and just plain fun. Luke doubles over in laughter at Henry’s antics often and Jonah literally beams when he walks in the room. He has shiny eyes and a joyful countenance. A lot of people react to Henry with a smile…it’s like he carries a fist full of giggle dust and he tosses it carelessly through as he races past everyone in his path. Now, I’m not stupid enough to think he’s perfect…trust me. Before dinner a few evenings ago...Jon had asked the boys to clean up the “green room” before they ate. Then Jon promptly left for the store leaving me to supervise the cleaning. Oh Joy! Turns out I didn’t need to supervise, because I have Luke to do it for me. This is nothing new…I have secretly watched the boys “cleaning” their playroom in the past and basically, Luke cleans and Henry lounges around on the couch watching Luke clean. At times, Henry even taunts Luke. He completely ignores Luke’s pleas for help and usually takes out the same toy that Luke just so dutifully put away. Before long, I heard the very expected scream from the playroom, “Mommmmyyyy! Henry is not helping me ccleeeaaan.” “Well what is he doing?” I asked. “He’s on the couch smiling right at me!” I walked in and Henry was hanging upside down on the couch with his feet up against the wall…laughing. I promptly sent him to his room. About 20 minutes later he was allowed to come back down and eat dinner alone. He stared at me smiling. Still in “mommy mode” I said tersely, “Please eat.” He quietly said, “Mommy…you my friend.” I wanted to bust outta “I’m not your friend, I’m your mother. Please eat.” But I didn’t. I amused him. Again, “Mommy, you my friend.” I figured he was manipulating me for the cookie that had already been taken away as part of the “lounging while Luke cleans incident”. I was not about to give in. Instead, I said, “I’m your friend? Why’s that?” He looked like he would burst. “Because my heart is happy.” (What?) “My heart is sssooooooooo happy.” No mention of the cookie, no mention of the punishment just a few minutes before…just a huge heart busting smile. Henry has the happiest heart…he literally helps spread Joy in the world and I love that about him.
A happy heart makes the face cheerful…(Proverbs 15:13)

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  1. Aren't kids amazing? They teach us so much.

    Hope all is well! I will be in Charlotte from June 24-July 3. Would love to get together if you are around!