Thursday, June 11, 2009

The First Cap and Gown....

Uh-oh…it’s on! Luke graduated from preschool yesterday with a full on graduation commencement at his daycare (moving tassels over and all)! It really was so sweet. I was taken back to the “pre-kid Dawn” when I said to myself and aloud, “Those little kids graduations are so stupid and a waste of time. I mean, why does a 4 year old need a cap and gown and all that nonsense? My kids will NEVER participate in that ridiculous ceremony.” Then there I found myself in the church pew with my face hurting. I had a huge indestructible perma-smile…literally my face was pained from smiling. I could not take my eyes off my first born donned in a white cap and gown carrying a rose and making a bee-line in my direction. I bear hugged him and told him how proud I was of him…he promptly warned me about the water container attached to the bottom of the rose and told me not to spill it and then he moved on down the aisle to get on stage. He looked so big! How could this have happened right under my nose? I felt as if he would be leaving for college the next day. The reality is that I have 13 more years with this kid! But still, it was a milestone. It made me happy and sad in all the same moment. It made me want to stop time. It made me “get it” when people say, “I wish my kids were still little so I could pick them up and give them bear hugs and feel them cuddle really close.” Wow. It really all does go by so quick…Congrats to Luke. "Kindergarten Here we Come!"

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