Friday, February 1, 2008

Cheers to the Circus!

I'm sure you are all on pins and needles waiting to hear about our circus adventures!
Let's just let some of the pictures speak for themselves...
Preshow...a little stressful, but we did not let it faze us!

At the sight of the first elephant, he came right out of it! It was fantastic!

We really did have so much fun...both Jake and Luke were fantastic. We had perfect seats...we were far enough away from the clowns and close enough to see what was going on. It really could not have been better...I am so glad we did it!
Very short commentary on the unbelievably high cost of the food (yet another clue that I am getting older). Jon went out to get some drinks...I texted him quickly and asked him to get some cotton candy...after a few minutes the only response I got was "NO!" I was a little irritated, but figured I would see what he came back with...let's just say when he got back he had the look of complete astonishment on his face..."They wanted $12 for cotton candy!" It was shocking to say the least, now, I probably would have gone ahead and purchased as it's the circus and it's once a year...but since he was there, obviously, I couldn't...(sorry Jon, it's just the truth)...regardless, $12.00 for air, sugar and a cardboard stick...ridiculous!
Enough of that...we will definitely be going back no matter what the cost and we can't wait for Henry to see it all...he was missed! Thanks to Mer for watching the littler booger. Definitely getting floor tickets next year along with the Stickels!
Stay tuned for "Why my entire house smells like cauliflower!...yuck!"

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