Monday, August 11, 2008

34 Weeks and Counting....

So, I guess I haven't come right out and said on the blog, "Hey, I'm pregnant!" but I am saying it now. 34 weeks to be exact...which would be why I have not blogged 30 of those 34 weeks. Barnes Baby Boy number 3! So the family dynamic shifts once again...the poor dogs...I'm sure they feel like they are hanging on to their place in the family by a single claw. You can just see it in their eyes...wondering if they will be fed again after yet another baby comes into their world and tries to eat their food or tries to feed them one juicy morsel of dog food at a time. The bright side is they have another face they can lick and more food to steal from the chubby little hands full of food at their eye level but they are clearly not seeing the bright side to all of this...such sad faces! The boys are taking it all in stride and seem to be dealing with it all very well. Henry has no idea what's coming so....he does still get upset if I pick up another child. He frantically screams, "MY Mommy!"I hate to see him suffer when I do that but gosh it makes me feel great when he stakes his mommy claim! Luke seems to have a firm grasp that he will be "in charge" of yet another small human that needs all the wisdom he has to offer from his last four years of life. Jon and I are the ones that are a bit of a's as if we have no idea a baby is even coming...what baby!? I'm sure we are being over confident since we already have two...I mean, what is one more in the midst of all the chaos. Does a third baby even need a crib? A dresser draw will suffice...HA! We are slowly but surely getting ready....but it's sssssllllooooowwwww. It's funny how you become seasoned in it all. I talk to first moms to be and find myself trying to impart that same peace that my good friends gave to me..."you will know what to do" or "you don't really need the wiper warmer " or "love grows" (my personal favorite bit of advice given to me ever!). Maybe that's the beauty of having more then one or two. You find the peace that having one doesn't bring as much just know that through each stage it's going to be just fine...or maybe it's just the numbness that comes with sleep deprivation! Who knows...either way...we are thrilled about our new to come soon!

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