Friday, August 22, 2008

Swinging Bridge's and Bright Ideas

Maybe it's just the guilt of working parents that send their kids to daycare all day every day...but we are constantly on the look out for fun things to do with our kids to fill the weekends with something other then t.v. I mean, we are constantly on the's a little ridiculous. It's a little more ridiculous because I am 9 months pregnant and with the exception of a nap or two over the weekend...we just keep moving. This past weekend was no exception. We decide (rephrase: I decide) that it would be good to get out of the heat of the city and ride up to Grandfather Mountain. Aren't we so fun and spontaneous! About 20 minutes in to the seat belt is too tight, I have to pee, biscuits have been thrown all across the car, the whining, whining and more whining...I am totally exasperated and wondering, "WHY!?, Why do I continue to try filling my children's lives with fun and adventure?" I get the, "You really need to relax look" from I breathe and do my best to enjoy our day. As we wind up the mountain things definitely get better...there's just something so peaceful about the mountain effects me. Maybe I just feel closer to God? Whatever it was working. About 5 miles outside of the Grandfather entrance, Henry says through his paci, "Ma tumy hur", "Ma tumy hur" the time I get this deciphered, I realize his tummy hurts...I ignore it. I mean, I'm sure he will be fine. I give him a banana, (yes, I am that fabulous that I packed an amazing cooler of fruit, healthy snacks and bottled water. No one has noticed my fabulousness though because they are way too full from eating sausage biscuits). Not even a half a mile later I turn my head to see Henry vomit banana all over the car...Grand! I will say this dampened my mountain air buzz I had going on (not to mention it's the only buzz that I've had going on in 9 months). We rushed to park, got him all cleaned up...Luke was pretty much focused on the Lion King and missed the entire episode...Henry seemed to find the whole thing amusing...Jon and I were weary and it was only 10:00 (I don't think either of us were sure about what to do) might as well just keep going...I mean, what would Frodo do...Onward!
We started with the animals, which was great! The kids were able to feed the bears and watch them chase each other around (they are very fast by the way!). We saw cougars, deer (reindeer if you ask Henry), sea otters, and eagles. It was fun, but Grandfather Mountain is just that...a mountain...when you are 9 months pregnant the word "hilly" is not your friend and the animal park, though small, is rather hilly (equals...not my friend!). It's definitely not fun when you have to run while 9 months pregnant after a 2 year old that does not seem to understand what the word "stop" means. Overall, the animal park gets a thumbs up, but not when pregnant.
On to yet another brilliant idea of mine...the Mile High Swinging Bridge! What fun...especially for very young rambunctious boys who are only try to fulfill their total need for adventure...even at 4 and 2. They were thrilled at the sight of it all...who can blame them. I, on the other hand, get closer the bridge...just a talking to myself..."be normal...just keep walking across...just go. YOU CAN do are a mommy and can do anything." Jon breaks my train of thought and says, "I think Henry should walk b/c if we hold him he will be over the rail line and if he squirms...well, you know..." Uh...the supermom had not thought of this...I respond, "Oh yeah, good....OK." I take Henry's hand noticing that Henry could totally fit through the rails on the bridge if he really wanted to! Not sure which is better here. OK..."Just keep are not afraid...take the boys hand and keep moving." And I did just that...walk, walk, walk, stop...I looked around...there were so many people, Jon and Luke got ahead of us and I freaked...told Henry I was sorry and we turned around. Henry was devastated...I of course promised that Daddy would come back and take him across...which appeased him for a minute. I could not take my eyes off Luke and Jon as they got across, took some pictures and came back. Poor Jon...the minute he got back, I told him that he had to take Henry over...always good natured...Jon agreed and grabbed his hand. Of course, Luke was not about to stay with Mommy...he wanted to go to...he ran after Jon...onto the heart raced...Jon took his hand and off they went. Me...very pregnant...watching. Now the worry really started...I began sweating profusely. I couldn't hide it either because I chose to wear a grey t-shirt which loves to expose wet underarms! I then started pacing and talking to myself, "Jon...hurry up! Why is it taking you so long...come on, come on...please come back." Not sure what was going on with me, but I know I was totally crazed. A mild panic attack ensued. After what seemed like a total eternity...they started back...they were so happy and pleased with themselves and I was so proud of them all! I learned a few things on this day trip to Grandfather...1) Even though our kids are small...the whole process of learning to let go comes hard, fast and very early! It would have been easier to hover and not trust that it was going to be OK...but I really think that letting go and watching was the best thing I could have done no matter how afraid I actually was... 2) I need to really think through my bright spontaneous really something I have to be?! I don't think so! :)

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