Thursday, December 18, 2008

I wonder what I am doing...

I was contemplating one of my many lists of "to dos"...this one being the "Holiday List" while browsing through Crate and Barrel. I was there to pick up a few small, inexpensive items for friends. I was rather ashamed when I left with $50 worth of things and only $10 of that was spent on friends...can only justify this by the fact that Jon and I aren't exchanging gifts this year...I mean, I need SOMETHING for myself, right? Back to the list....on my list of "to dos" this holiday season I have accomplished most everything but I do have a "Put up lights outside", I am not good at putting up any type of decoration outside. I put up Halloween decorations and the spiderwebs looked like smushed up cotton growing out of our trees...people made some really nice comments like, "The kids did a good job with the's so cute you let them do it." Jon laughed. Anyway, so, I THOUGHT that we had an understanding that I would take care of the inside decor (because I'm good at it) and he would take care of the outside (because he's male)...apparently Jon doesn't know about this arrangement because until lights outside. Granted, we usually don't do outside lights...but our four year old has begged us to put out lights and what can I's an "easy" thing to do to make the kids happy and joyful. So...I decided that today was the day that lights needed to happen. Now, my journey began with a totally tangled extension cord that was about 1000 feet long...I untangled it (twice) and began trying to "hide" the bright orange cord under the bushes. I was on my knees in the driveway under wet bushes that would sprinkle water all over me when any part of the cord or myself would touch the leaves. After some scraped fingers and a head butt to the brick wall when I tipped over...I made my way through the bushes...untangled the cord yet again. The wondering what I am doing has begun...seriously, no wonder Jon doesn't want to do this...I don't want to do it wonder people keep their lights on all year round...I mean, I would not wish this on anyone! I think of the kids...wonder what Frodo would do...and keep going. I got the lights twirled around the "columns"...this is when I realize that I am not a perfectionist, because at this point I could care less if the lights are straight or even. I have pinched my fingers twice with the staple gun. I can't reach the top or get leverage to staple the things onto the house so I almost stapled my finger to the house. The stool tipped at one point and I almost fell into the already smushed azaleas...I was sweating profusely...then I remembered the baby upstairs in his crib who had probably woken up enraged that the mobile had stopped! I panic and race to finish the strand I had know what happens when you just sweat more and more! Raced in the was fine. My excuse to stop this madness slept peacefully in his crib. Back out to put the Santa sidewalk lights about 50 electric cords later I wonder if the house will catch fire at some point....It is also misting outside...will I get electrocuted? Regardless, the Santa's went up without a hitch...I plug it all in and absolutely nothing...ggggrrrr. What is wrong...plug in, unplug, plug in, unplug...nothing...ah...I forgot the coolest part about the whole thing...the extension cord has a remote...IT WORKS! Lights on, lights off, lights back on...very cool. Jon came home early and said, "You put out, eh". Undaunted..I patiently waited for the kids to get home...Luke came flying in the house..."We have lights! We have lights!"...I used my handy dandy remote to turn them on and he had a total look of wonder in his eyes and said, "It's just amazing Mommy!" All worth it! Next year...colored lights! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas...Isaiah 9:6

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