Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Incredibly Fantastic Birthday Weekend

In my tirade yesterday, I completely forgot to mention my absolutely perfect 40th Birthday weekend at Pinehurst Spa with my dearest friends...I could go on and on about the spa, the rooms, the grounds, the customer service...but when it is all said and done we could have been in a paper box on the side of the road and I would have had a grand time because I was with seven of the people I know that probably know me best. They all make up a piece of my heart and I love them all for it. Cheers to you girls! Oh...must give a shout out to my husband who graciously and without any complaint kept all three boys (with a little help from his mom). I was floored when he bravely took all three to Walmart by himself! I received tons of text messages that comforted me for not being there and assured me that I should just have fun! ...I also got lots and lots of pictures! Thank you Jon...only 10 years to 50 (YIKES!).

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  1. The Pinehurst Spa is about 40 min. away from our hometown of St. Pauls...I have never been... so it was great! I am happy for you .... Everyone needs to do that at least once a year! or once a month :-)