Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It was a good day...

Am feeling much better then my melancholy day yesterday about going back to work...I talked to my boss for a out of my pajamas...had some good coffee. There really is something to just getting out of bed. Jon told me on Monday that he had planned to take Wednesday, Thursday, Friday initial thought (sorry Jon) was "why?" I mean, it's my last week, I want to be alone in my thoughts of misery and going back to work and seeing Jonah's sad face when I give him up to someone else to be with him for the bulk of the day. I wondered why he didn't get that...BUT, it's a lot harder to stay in bed and wallow in misery when someone else is around...I fought the desire to just lay in bed this morning and let Jon do all the work of getting Luke and Henry ready to go and to deal with all that comes with that. Instead, I got up, showered, got the boys ready and took them to school leaving Jon to "sleep in" with Jonah (saying "sleep in" here because Jonah was wide awake after all the carrying on). The boys and I prayed for their day and off we back still kinda irritated that there was another body in the house...Jon left to take care of something and I suddenly missed him and wished he was here with us...God in all his wisdom showed me that Jonah needs Jon too. I really want to hog him to myself and be alone with it all, but Jon plays probably a bigger role in his life because he's the dad and dad's are as important if not more important then the Moms. When Jon got I went to detail clean out our, most people would grunt and groan over this, but I LOVED IT! I had 2 hours alone while Jon watched the baby and I contemplated how long the little shriveled up Cheerios had been in our car. I was also contemplating an article I read in Cookie Magazine yesterday called "What not to worry about" by Lori Leibovich which was so timely...again in all God's wisdom... what not to worry about...#1 "I don't spend enough time with my kids" quote..."Also, resist the urge to compare yourself to the cookie-baking mothers of misty memories. According to a 2007 University of Maryland study, working moms today spend the same amount of time with their kids as stay-at-home moms did in the 1970s...." So, there you go...I was born in 1969 and my mom stayed home...I'm they will be OK. Now, #2 spoke louder in my ear then anything else..."My messy house is bad for my children"...again debunked..."...there are potential cognitive benefits of a disorderly house." Hooray for me! "When you work or play in a messy space, you get to 'see a lot of things in one place, which can bring about random stimulation', say Freeland. 'That's a big part of stimulation.'" Hooray again! I feel 10 times better about all of top it all off...Henry came home with a necklace and the sign around his neck said, "Henry used the potty today!" See...I have a husband that loves me, a great job and the end of pull-ups are just around the corner (at least for a bit) was a great day and all I had to do was get out of bed...

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  1. I love reading about your family .. it truly makes me laugh, smile and think how lucky we are to have such great families... How the small things in our lives make the biggest impression on our hearts! example... Henry's sign!
    Beth H.~