Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All good things must come to an end...

What a crazy, crazy 2008...it's so crazy that it's hard to even think of what some resolutions might be as we have no idea of what's really to come. At least we had a nice long Christmas, New Year and I am still celebrating the big 4-0! My wonderful husband celebrated 10 days of "Dawnakah" for my birthday. I received 10 days of gifts since the day after Christmas up until January 3rd...who knew he was so clever. Went out to dinner one night and met friends at a local bar on Saturday. The topper is this weekend...spending 2 nights - no kids - at a spa with 7 of my best friends! The downer...on Monday, my glorious 16 weeks of maternity leave is coming to a fast close...I'm sad, but not devastated...I actually enjoy my job so that takes the sting out of it some. My heart breaks at the thought of Jonah's face as I leave him at daycare. The upside here is that I know it's coming and will come prepared with my entire make up bag and some tissue for the ride into work. It's been a great run...I got to know my sweet baby that has a wonderful disposition and an intoxicating giggle. I also got a lot done that now doesn't really matter much but I didn't do too much and really enjoyed the time. The Tupperware cabinet that I cleaned out in September is a mess again. The attic is even messy and I cleaned that out too. It's OK though...one thing I have learned from baby #3 is that you can only do what you can do...it's all going to get messy again anyway so no need to stress over it. I mean...my one major indulgence is that we have a maid that comes once a month...she was here yesterday and the house was immaculate...but as I walked on the kitchen floor this morning in bare feet...I stepped squarely on a 2 year olds cracker trail and a nice patch of sticky juice from a leaky sippy cup on my way to the sink...so, all the over cleaning will seriously need to come to an end. Needless to say, I am spending the day today in my PJ's...all day...just hanging out and holding the baby, watching movies and eating to my hearts content. Jon has come up with some ideas of "things" for me to do this week...I just stare at the man...sometimes, I really think they don't get it...but he means well and that's what matters. As I contemplate going back to work and the new year...my goals are to:
1) stop cleaning so much
2) give people hope for the future whenever possible
3) play on the floor with my kids when they ask and stop saying "give me a second and I will play with you" when I really mean "give me 20 minutes" because usually the moment passes and they move onto other things
4) pray
5) finish the 5 books that are half started on my night stand
6) cook more...rather, learn to cook better
7) have more date nights
8) remember the importance of having, giving and receiving grace
I think 8 is a good number...anyway Happy Belated New Year...it's going to be a good one....back to my movie...

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